Rockwood, Md Station Feasibility Analysis

In 2012, the Rockwood Train Station Feasibility Study was commissioned by the Somerset County Planning Commission to examine the feasibility of, and issues associated with, the creation of a new stop in Rockwood for Amtrak’s Capitol Limited service, which travels along CSX Transportation’s Baltimore to-Chicago line passing through Rockwood.

The new station will provide alternative modes of transportation for residents of Rockwood and the surrounding area and increase tourism to the Borough and Somerset County.

Rockwood Final Summary Report_FINAL COMPRESSED

On Track To Accessibility

In May of 2014, Western Pennsylvanians for Passenger Rail (WPPR), a grass-roots advocacy organization working to improve passenger rail services for residents of Southwestern Pennsylvania, and the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership, a business advocacy organization focused on improving mobility choices for Pittsburghers and others, are pleased to share with you our newly released report, On Track to Accessibility, Increasing Service of the Pennsylvanian: Benefits and Costs.

On Track to Accessibility Report and Cover Letter